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The 20th PLANE


21st December 2005

through Helen Engel

Creator Council: At the 20th Plane everything is peaceful. There is a wide expanse. There are hills and valleys for those who prefer hills and valleys. There are mountains for those who wish to view their splendor and their glory. There are flat plains with glorious sunsets, and there are deserts with rolling sands.

At this level each person chooses his or her environment. Our environment blends with us. It is alive; it has a consciousness. There is a consciousness in an atom, there is consciousness in the wind, there is consciousness in the light that comes from our sun, and from the Great Central Sun. The light that you receive on earth from your earthly sun has been stepped down from the Central Sun, the Divine Sun, so that you receive Divine Light through your earth sun.

You can also receive Divine Light when you bypass the energy of the earthly sun. Divine Light permeates all of Creation. Divine Light does not move in a way that mankind has deciphered the motion of light from the earth sun. Divine Light IS, just as Joy IS, and Love IS. Although Divine Light has a consciousness, its conscious Creator is not within it, while it is filling the Universe with its energy. The consciousness of Divine Light and the consciousness of the Creator are separate. The consciousness of the Creator is that of Creative Consciousness; the consciousness of Divine Light is an activity created by the Creator.

You may ask for the consciousness of Divine Light, or you may ask for the consciousness of the Creator. When you have risen to a level where you no longer regard negativity - when you are in the Light continually, then you can began to decide whether you will step toward Divine Light and Divine Consciousness, or whether you will step into Creative Consciousness.

Both have great merit, and both lead to Divine Enlightenment. For the one who would serve: first, fill yourself with Divine Conscious Light, and then step into Creative Consciousness.

When a society has determined that one age is over, and that another age is about to begin, what action will it take to bring about the next age? First, the society needs to be filled with Divine Light Consciousness. And then, following that, it can begin the era of Conscious Creativity.

Will everyone take both steps? No. One-half of the people will follow and remain with the Divine Light Consciousness, and the other half will step into the Creative Consciousness, and will lead.

This lesson is about stepping into the Creative Consciousness. Therefore, this lesson is directed to those who have a great mind. What are the attributes of a great mind? An ability to analyze, an ability to absorb, an ability to decipher, an ability to summarize, an ability to teach.

But what else must a creative mind be able to do, if it is to create a new age? The pattern for the new age is already there; the template is there. It has been there since the beginning of time. Who will pull the blueprint out of heaven, and lay it over earth, read the specifications, analyze the steps, prepare the documents, organize the workers, and finish the job?

One challenge remains, and that is to bring the creation to the minds of the great thinkers. That needs only a telepathist, one who allows his or her mind to be a funnel, a funnel for thoughts, and words, and concepts, and feelings, and information. This is what is required at the beginning of this age - the development of a community of telepathic persons who will make themselves available to filter down the blueprints, step by step. This is a challenge that is being thrown out to universities and colleges, because they have the method by which to teach. At the moment they may not know the course of study, but once they learn it, they will know how to teach it.

That is our lesson today from the Creator Plane. Those who can think will absorb this lesson, and those who wish to become telepathic servants will feel an urge to learn the skill. It is available to all of mankind.

We are at the cusp. Some may be on the mountain peak, some may be on top of a hill, some may be looking out on a prairie, across a desert. These are the ones whom we call - come forth and do the work that you have come back to do. You may give your name to the Scribe and she will assemble you as a Community.

That is our message for today. We are the Creator Council. Amen.

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