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9th May, 2011

through Helen Engel

Abraham: The intelligence of humans is oft referred to as the intelligence of God. God shares his intelligence with humanity. I wish to impart a degree of intelligence about warring faith to a suffering humanity.

If you have faith, why do you war? Faith brings peace. If you are a man of peace, you have faith. Faith brings peace.

I speak to the sons of Abraham, who cover the Earth. Be done with warring and Un-Faith. Let us combine our thoughts. Let us share God's thoughts with each other. Speak about the sun rising, about shadow, about love. Speak of children, and hope.

Who is there among you who would rent the heart of a child? Who is there among you who will harm a woman? Is this an act of faith?

It is time for the sons of Sarah and the sons of Hagar to blend their faith into the faith of one God. Who will lead both families to respond under one sky, one sun, one wealth, one health, one peace?

I, Abraham, call upon the Sons of Abraham to live in peace. Allah and God the Father are one. You worship under the same God. The same God brings you wisdom and knowledge.

It is time to move away from divisiveness, no matter what book teaches it. It is time to move toward peace and brotherhood, under a combined Supreme Being.

Peace, peace. Do not allow the dark to hide the light.

I am Abraham, and I speak to all who are on Earth at this moment in time.

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