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Messages from the CELESTIALS


12th March, 2006

through Jess Anthony

Jess, I speak to you today as you ask and with great information to tell you. This is the end of the history of the world as you have known it up to now. This is the beginning of a new dispensation, as you called it. This is my time made manifest. Your old conception of time and space are changed, and are now merged with me and my everlasting infinity. This is the age you have eagerly awaited. This is the era you seek and have sought all your many past lives. This time is now and you have waited patiently for it.

The events you see and are about to see manifest themselves are well thought-out in my plan for changing my Universe of Nebadon. This change is analogous to waking up one morning in a new room of light and air and beautiful new surroundings that meet all your greatest expectations. This is what it will be for you and for everyone who reads these words. This is by dispensation. This is my gift to you. This is my bounty as your Creator God and Son of the Almighty One who has made all.

The events you ask about even in your unspoken thoughts are racing to a conclusion. The end is here for the cabal. It is broken asunder, as you verbalize, and its pieces are irretrievably scattered. Bush and his cronies are no more. The arrests have been carried out where necessary to fulfill Galactic law, and the resignations are in hand for many others. Most of the Congress and most of the administrative staff of the ex-President are no longer employed. This is now to be made public. The news of this changeover will be swift upon the opening of the bourse next week. It will take a week to organize the process of transition. Look for news to support this action. The news media will begin to follow suit and reporters will begin to speak honestly and truthfully about what is happening. The media scions are no longer in control. The new day has arrived for true coverage and investigation.

What of the investigation into the wrong-doings of the administration, you ask? This investigation is proceeding apace with the tons of information that are being released and uncovered. The tentacles of the dark have reached everywhere, and the corruption and distortion of your Constitutional ideas are rampant. Even the most blind are seeing discrepancies and misinformation and are suffering unnecessarily. This will change with the installation of new government officials and a new reverence for the holy ideas invested in your founding documents.

This will happen with the resignation of Bush and Cheney. This farce will be carried out before the public when the money is ready to be distributed. Then the truth will be told. The money is lying in wait in the banks all over the country, and the proper paperwork is in place. This is waiting for the collapse of the Federal Reserve, which will happen publicly with the opening of the bourse and the rush to get rid of worthless dollars that are no longer backed by Saudi Arabian and Middle-Eastern oil reserves. The decision to stop informing Americans of the numbers of worthless paper dollars overseas is a sure sign the administrators fear for their hegemony in controlling the economic pulse of the world. They don't want their supporters to know they are no longer in control.

This too will be made apparent. Beware the Ides of March for the future of the present administration. Shakespeare said it best regarding the downfall of Caesar and the rising of the masses against him led by the Brutuses of America. This has to be, and now rather than soon. The fall of a great dictator is not without agitation and chaos, but the result in this country will not be the imposition of an even worse control in the form of a single ruler. You are all rulers! You are all part of the one ruling body that is my dispensation. You are all gods and controllers of your destiny. The destiny, dear Brutus, is not in the stars, but in ourselves. We are the future, and we are the dispensers of that true reality.

This is my word for today. Spread it around as you will. I will speak with you soon directly and in a more public forum.

Christ the Michael of Nebadon and Aton your brother.

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