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(1) on a major shift in Consciousness
(2) Man must take the Final Step himself

23rd April, 2006

through Lauren (1) and Jess(2)

I come today to bring you news from the high realms. Before you stands a grand experiment of unprecedented proportion. This experiment is designed to enforce a major shift in consciousness. In this great shift there will be a guiding force that will lead each of you to your final destinations of geographic location and purpose. We are preparing for each of you to step into your roles as embodied angels and we portend a great awakening is upon you.

This notification is for the American people to establish great dissent for their governing leaders. We say that this is no time for acquiescence and we encourage each of you to lay claim to your rights. This request is beckoned of you from the powers that be, for soon you will be robbed of even your rights to protest. This will be a time of upheaval at best but one that must be put into action to declare your positions as citizens of a sovereign country. We are guiding you all to the opportunities to be of service in your own ways and we impart the tools and knowledge necessary for each of you to make a difference. It is up to you, however, to pay attention and utilize what is being given. We are at the end of a very long journey to fairness and equality but the mission still requires your action to overthrow your government.

It is in this way that you will all come to the realization that you are in fact capable of great change and in this way you will regain your conscious awareness as co-creators. When you have completed the journey to full Light you will be aware of many times that you had the upper hand but chose to ignore the option to use it. We encourage you now to put aside your fears of the unknown and allow your passion to rule your logic. Think with your hearts and not your minds and bring forth the new era with your willingness to not lay down. In your quest for freedom you must let go of all that does not serve you to attain all that you require to live in peace. That includes the greatest force of power over you at this time, your current leadership.

Many want to know when this will happen and many want to know how, but we ask you the same questions now - When will you rise? How will you rise? We have given you the tools and you are armed with truth, now is the time for action. Now is the time to make your statement and have your voices heard.

How will you do this you ask? By your decision and willingness to stand up, to let go of fear, to give of yourself and your time in order to make the changes that you desperately seek. We come at you not disparagingly, but with the reminder that you are the creators now. Your creations start with thought and you have earned the powers to create your world as you see fit so use them. Staying on board and taking this to the finale means taking action in your own way. You have the right to claim your reality now and make your lives as you see them in divine ways. No more can you settle for what is unjust and corrupt and so your next move is crucial. Your next move is the one that will tip the scales in your favor, so what will that move be? Who will be the ones to step forward? Who will be the ones to stand up against tyranny? We are truly counting on each of you to take matters into your own hands now. As good parents do, we have supplied you with all you need to procure results and we support you in your endeavors, but now is the time to embark on your individual journeys into spiritual adulthood. No longer do you require the milk of your mother or the strength of your father, for you are Gods now.

We call forth the forces of Light and ground crews at this time to activate your new roles upon Earth. We ask each of you to listen to your inner guidance and allow yourselves to be led. Go within and find the inspiration to take you to your destination of peace. Be relentless in your pursuits and know that you are supported. We are asking each and all of you to find your deepest desires and bring that forth for creating.

Now is the time to come together and sow the seeds of the new era and now is the time to teach your fellow man the Light of truth. We are calling on all who work for the Light at this time to actively begin to bring harmony with your roles to these very uncertain times. As you sow these seeds you too shall begin to feel the inner peace of creation and the power of positive movement. This means stepping forward in your roles with faith and proving that you are capable of change.

I Am Christ Michael of Nebadon and I Am ordering movement in your realm. I come with armies and I come with love to assist in reclaiming the planet of Paradise and her inhabitants. Many of you are longing for reprieve and many have worked tirelessly for the efforts of the Light. I say to you, it is feasting time if you decide to make change. Time to renew yourselves and time to breathe, but first a time to decide. So decide to take now to your posts and be in position for change by listening to your inner urgings, and with this choice in mind, be alert for your call to freedom. Many opportunities arise from your willingness simply make a choice. What will you choose?

(2) Man must take the Final Step himself

through Jess Anthony

Jess, let's speak now for this morning. This is a major crisis that the Earth is experiencing, but it can also be considered/viewed as a wonderful opportunity to remove much that has held you back in the past. This is the time of cleansing and reorienting that will set you in place for the upcoming events.

You want to know specifics, I see. Yes, the schedule is still operational. We are working to get everything ready by the end of April. This is tied in with galactic and geographical determinants, as well as political upheavals and changes that must take place. The government is being intractable once again, and we are losing patience in your eyes with their recalcitrance. So why don't we intervene, you ask? We have that authority, yes, but I want the effort to come from you. What more do we want, you say? I want commitment to action. I want you - Man on Earth - to take the final step you need to take. What does this mean, you ask? This is an individual determination. Does this mean active participation or involvement? In some cases, yes. In others, it means setting your goals and beginning to develop your own mission in the face of what appears to be insurmountable obstacles. They are not. The more you manifest your ideas now, the more the energy of the Earth changes to support these manifestations.

You are doing what you can. You are sending out information. You are working with men. You are creating art through your singing and playing. You are changing the aesthetic environment - which is your goal and your mission. You are using art to effect change. The information you come across is all grist for your mill of ideas. The Hidden Meanings site is full of interpretations that can shape your thinking on many areas of reasoning. The narrator/writer is working as a voice that will open up many people who read his columns. Candace is tired of battling the opposition. Yes, we told you she would be. We also told you she would rise to the occasion when needed. She is a voice as well as you. You say different things, but you are equally valuable. Your audience is inquiring in a different way than hers. That is fine. Each narrator speaks through the definitions and ideas they are familiar with. We work through their individual insights and use their experiences to express our truths.

What will you be doing? Yes, what about the money? The scenario is this at this point: we must remove the government before any further steps can be taken. We have a plan to do this before the end of April. We will use whatever means we can to wake the people up. The example of Bush going to war for spurious reasons has not been enough yet to cause an uprising. The gas protest will be effective, up to a point, but it will need a combination of events to trigger this massive scenario. The move by the Illinois legislature is a key step. This is an inviolable charge that must be considered by Congress. We will make sure this passes through and presents itself. Can this be done by next week? Not necessarily. This is one of many options we have to place pressure on the government that must be ousted. We cannot do this without your involvement. Your role is to resolve your karma. You must make the steps. You must act as a single force. We will not let you fail, but you must decide you will act in order for the thought to become a reality.

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