How Does a Light Worker
Respond to Angry E-mail?

8th January, 2006

through Lauren Gorgo

The incidence of hate mail may be reaching a climax this year, so advice was sought on the matter. This was the advice given in respect of one specific individual, but the problem is general.

The words of Sananda:

There are no words that would calm the waters for an angry, fearful soul. This is the indication of someone who is lost from source, but he can be guided back with a nudge. You can assist by standing tall and proud, knowing that you are a bringer of truth and not allowing such a soul to tear you from your beliefs. This one knows many troubles and will be inclined to listen to those words that will resonate with fear as opposed to words of truth. Allow this person to see the light in you, the kindness and the patience that you possess. Know in your heart that which is true and nothing can deter you from your path, not even the threats of another.

Your words will not be heard on the level in which you speak. The only words that can be heard from such a soul are ones of disparaging connotations. Be mindful of all to whom you extend yourself.

It would be to your benefit to use your discernment. You have the option of regarding the e-mail as an attack or a desperate plea for help. If you choose the latter (the plea for help), you are in a position to relinquish the energy by awareness. Simply acknowledging to yourself that this person is hurting is enough to help abate the issue.

You are setting up a scenario in which this person will have to find truth on his own. This is of the Light and something regarded highly by the Masters. Use your ability to love others unconditionally here, that is the best tool you have. Your light can abate all dark issues related to your well being. Believe this to be true. You can always accomplish more with Light than by physical means. You are protected from all types of harm. You are watched over and cared for always.

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