St Hilarion, a portrait drawn by Marjorie, Copyright 2007
St Hilarion, a portrait drawn by Marjorie, © Marjorie, March 2007

Messages from the CELESTIALS

on our New Earth

31st March 2007

through Marjorie

M: Good morning Master Hilarion, and welcome.

H: It has been awhile, and I am pleased to be speaking with you. The Ides of March are ending and a new month awaits. The Ides of March were the festival of Hilaria in the ancient days of Rome ... hilarious, no? That is exactly where the word 'hilarious' came from. Those were dark days in the Roman Empire, and they needed an outlet to just laugh, dance and be jolly, and March was the end of the long, dark, dank days of winter.

M: That's interesting and I know we need more hilarity in this war-torn crazy world today.

H: That is a fact. Today I will take you to the crystal city of Telos .. care to go?

M: I'd be delighted to go .... (I slump further ... he holds my hand and away we fly, up, up, up and then down, down, down, totally effortlessly.)

H: We will proceed through an opening at the top of Mt. Shasta. This is a very sacred portal, and quite a number of humans have visited the Crystal City of Telos. They welcome guests, especially at this auspicious time, when they are preparing to integrate with the human population. They want to get to know their Brothers and Sisters living on the surface.

(We pause as I assimilate all the incredible sights and sounds ... angelic music is everywhere, the air smells like gardenias...how glorious it all is.)

We will visit Handel's Hall of Music first (and away we go hand in hand.)

M: (We seem to be floating, I am mesmerized by the flowers. They are sparkling, the colours are unlike anything I've ever seen before). Why is the air so fragrant, and clear...it literally sparkles like everything were covered with sparkle dust?

H: That is the way Earth will be in the not too distant future ... free of all the poisons that make it unfit for human habitation. (We are walking on a street that seems to be moving instead of us moving ... I don't remember moving my feet ... like we're in moving clear gel. We don't sink but it's not hard under the feet, very cushiony, hard to explain.)

A feast has been prepared for us and you will get to meet Handel and his crew. They build musical instruments for they are all gifted musicians. (We move without any effort and are in what looks like a giant chapel like plexiglas. We enter through an archway. There is soft music everywhere ... very glorious. A very beautiful angelic looking lady greets us. Her skin is translucent and she holds out her arm. She is dressed in robe that looks translucent but filmy.)

I have brought Marjorie and I'd like you to meet Charmaine. (I extend my hand).

M: I am totally enchanted. I cannot believe I'm actually here and so happy to meet you. Charmaine just smiles and beckons and away we move into a very high ceilinged room ... maybe there's no ceiling ..... everything looks so bright and airy. There are many Beings, very human looking but not looking all stressed and worried like the people we meet on the street).

H: This is the Avenue of Avenda ... where they compile the music into the instruments. (There are instruments of every description, some types I had never seen before.) You see the songs make their own instrument, instead of the other way around. They write or intuit the music, and the sounds form the instrument ... perhaps difficult to comprehend.

M: In my words 'I'm blown away' ... the people seem so preoccupied, so happy. (At this point Charmaine brings a glass of fruit juice and some slices of fruits, some of which I recognized as kiwi and pomegranate, some which I did not recognize. I have not heard her speak yet ...... she gestures for me to help myself). Thank you ... it tastes absolutely delicious, totally fresh and juicy ..... sweet but not sweet, absolutely heavenly. I finish my drink and she bows as she receives my glass and plate - which are crystal too).

H: Let us move on to the Painters' Palace ..... you will be totally enchanted by that ... (and away we glide again or the soft gel moves us along).

M: Whatever this walkway is made of is like nothing I've ever experienced before ... it's hard but soft and seems to move you along.

H: Technology that the Telonians will be bringing to Earth, there is much for your people to learn. Rome wasn't built in a day, neither will your New Earth be rebuilt overnight, but almost! You will be amazed at what will transpire in the days to come.

M: I am already amazed ... this is so awesome (and with saying that we're in another huge glassed in enclosure which looks like B.C. Stadium only with what looks like glass or plexiglas, but a rounded dome .... how do they do that? There are hundreds of easels with paintings people are working on and my heart starts to pound, they are so exquisite. They are using some colours I've never seen before ... and I'm not sure what the mediums they're using are. A very large man in smock and beret of white cotton comes over.

H: Percival, I have brought my friend Marjorie over to meet you ... she is also an artist. (The large man extends his hand and I shake his hand ... he has the bluest eyes, and a radiant smile. I'm in awe of these people and the warmth and love that emanates from them. He brings us over to an easel of a very large painting that seems to be painting itself!!!)

The materials they use are very different to those found on Earth, you will be impressed. The person has to visualize what they want and the formulas form the pictures, or sculptures or whatever it is they want to make. Everything has a consciousness which evolves into its desired outcome. You will soon get used to this very effortless way of getting your heart's desire. Percy has a gift for you. (With that Percy brings a small stone from the pocket of his smock ... it glows and seems to change colours).

M: Why thank you, Percy that's incredible and I will treasure it.

H: I can see you are tiring ... too much excitement for one day. With that we will say adios to this marvelous place, and one day I will bring you back.

(Almost instantaneously I am back in my 'reality' at my computer. Wow...that was truly amazing!).

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