Messages from the CELESTIALS

on the March energies

8th March, 2006

through Alyse

Angel Leia
Artwork © Copyright
Alyse Finlayson, 2006

Oh dearest ones, I bless you all with the softest Light and sounds of the heavenly grace. Draw this into your blessed hearts. With this grace know that you are supported through what some of you would call great challenges and trials. There is a shifting on this earth's physical plane like no other. You have never experienced this before. This blessed Light of creational source's infusion. Your challenges at this time are calling you to the Light; to bring what you fear or dread into the Light. As you bring these trials to Light, the creational love is there to bathe your darkest corners with grace. Healing grace, beloveds, I am here to direct this Light into your blessed physical vessels. Fear not that this will sear you. It is the illusions that provide you with this experience. The Light I draw into you at your request is grace in its highest place. For Prime Creator is now filtering into you and this Earth into your atoms down to the adamantine particles. this infusion, which is designed to activate and attune the structure of your cell's crystalline structure.

Make time for silent time in nature. Even for brief moments, step outside and find the space of silence between sounds. Gift yourself with these moments of peace. For your time is now aligning with your focus of attention. And as you place your focus of attention on the sacredness of nature you can enter into the timeless now in these moments and experience true gifts of grace. I direct these moments assisting you all into this experience of grace on the physical dimension. These moments you focus on are the truth of who you are. Your sacred center. Allow yourself to expand into a full embrace of this.

As your ending of winter becomes the beginning of spring, make an effort to gather from the depths of you, that which draws you into your soul's desires to create. Embrace this. For it is time to plant the seeds of these dreams, sowing them with the cycle of the coming spring. Let the earth support your dreams in her way, in attunement with nature. This brings you into alignment with your connection to earth, to your life in physical form. There is magic in this. An alchemical process you witness if you pay close attention to the openings and beginnings that spring naturally gifts you with. It is this now of creation you are always stepping into that I am directing the prime creator's Light as it infuses and shifts throughout all of creation here on your earth. Invite all of your senses to experience this: touch, smell, feelings, sight, sound. Your body's sensory system is heightened by this infusion of creation Light. Trust what you feel and sense. Allow it to open you more fully into life and the moment.

Fear is prevalent as this comes for some as an unknown. Refuse steadfast to feed fear. Removing your attention from it, for then fear will atrophy making room for Light to enter into you. This is your grace. Your choice. Your steps into your soul's Light. It is time now for you to live more fully in your soul's Light, embracing life from this center perspective of creation that is you.

Remind yourselves with every moment that you are no different from me or any of your angels and guides. We are no different from you. This is where you are from and what you are becoming fully conscious of.

It is with great joy that I am here to serve this purpose in this way.

With honored love of your Light
Angel Leia

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