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Rainbow Clouds
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Messages from the CELESTIALS


Sananda on behalf of the
Spiritual Hierarchy

22nd August, 2006

through Lauren

We of the spiritual hierarchy have a message to share with you.

We are gathered this day in remembrance of a nation founded upon virtue and sovereignty. We are pondering the last days of your current paradigm and envisioning the world anew. We are anticipating and gathering our memories for the purposes of visualization of a new and galactic society upon earth.

What we have envisioned for the new earth is something extraordinary in this solar system. The reason for this is the high impact that planet Earth has on all of the neighboring planets. Many are with you now to witness an event that has never been attempted in this galaxy. The uplifting of humanity is an experiment born out of a desire to manifest total consciousness while inhabiting a physical body. This is by no means a simple task, in fact it is quite complicated, however we of the hierarchy are here to ensure that this transition takes place in a most graceful manner. We have many things to learn from this shift as do you, yet we are aware of the lessons that are still veiled from you. This is in no way a disadvantage to you because you have all opted to experience duality for the purposes of awakening to your true heritages.

Before you lies the most unheard of changes about to happen to mankind. Yet, with this other-worldly perspective, many know that the seat of change is stationed in your skies. In order for you to rise up to the level of consciousness necessary to ascend, you must be shown the truth of who you are. This presents little opportunity to be led astray once the foundation has crumbled beneath most and been rebuilt upon truth.

What we are attempting to accomplish in this realm is a chance for many souls to realize their divinity. This may seem like a complicated matter yet most will have a feeling of relief to know that you are not alone in this universe. It is a most advantageous position for your current leadership to have directed you to the belief that you are alone, however their objectives can no longer be met under the current circumstances. Rest assured that the days of untruth are limited and you are about to be set free.

In the coming days of your time there will be little opportunity for the leaders of your nation to escape the inevitable. They hold the position of invincibility, yet they know their demise. It is all a show of smoke and mirrors as you say, but in the end, the Light is always victorious. Many are driven however to experience the dark in the name of polarity. Those who are finished with the duality game are seated at the helm and prepared for their new roles as teachers and wayshowers of the New Earth. Take for instance your level of consciousness. For without the amount of growth in awareness many of you would still be experiencing duality without even questioning the external circumstances of your world affairs. This should, in itself, lend credence to the fact that there is imminent change before you.

The lion has left his cage and roars in anticipation of great changes. He knows not of failure, only victory as is the way of the mighty beast. As the courageous lion trail-blazes to uncover and reveal the hidden truths to your reality, you all are in an advantageous position to follow his lead and rebuild the structures that will crumble. Use the strength of the lion to change all that is not in alignment with your highest good and pacify those in need with the gentle nurturing of the lamb. For in this sacred balance lies the blueprint to your very new lives.

We of the hierarchy are before you now and in great anticipation of the next steps. We curiously await the next moves of your cabal in order to surmise how your inevitable destiny shall be attained. For although this move is theirs to take, undoubtedly they will eventually remove one of the most essential blocks to their paradigm that will cause it to fall upon them. We have a saying in the skies that one who claims the title of victory in vain, shall wear the crown to their demise. This is clearly the way of the ego and it is the imbalance of energy that will falter every time.

Now in these last moments gather your resources and strength to dismantle your society and rebuild your foundations upon love. You are the workers of the Light that is bestowed upon your planet and you are the ones who will emerge victoriously. We stand beside you arm in arm prepared to battle the forces of evil with sovereignty and fortitude. You, our beloved warriors of truth, will know better lives. May peace and love blanket your endeavors and may the Light of God shine within each of your hearts for all to see. You are leaders of the truest kind, in a literal and figurative sense. Blessed be all who venture on the path to righteousness, we look forward to meeting you in the new world. I am Sananda Immanuel of the Spiritual Hierarchy and together we bid you farewell.

Hello New World! a home-grown mango seeks the Light. Copyright Milson Macleod May 2006
Hello, New World! A mango shoot seeks the Light
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