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Eibingen Church,
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Messages from the CELESTIALS


19th February, 2006

through Lisa

Mother Mary: Yes my dear Lisa. It is a great pleasure for me to speak with you this way. Telepathy is frowned upon by so many - you are to be commended for taking this path. We look forward to many connections with you. I have a message for anyone who wishes to accept it.

I have great pleasure here in the heavens being of service to our Creator Father. He is the source of all Love. He lives in all of us. It is important that we teach others about this fact. We are as one with the Father. I would love to return to my dear Earth where I once lived. I've had many wonderful lives on your planet. I have returned in spirit many times in the last centuries. So many people know me and have seen my energy and felt my love. I yearn for all people to realize that I also live in their hearts and if they can only open their hearts they will feel me there. I am with them always and enjoy sharing their lives with them. They need only ask for my presence and I am there to help them. Please pass this on ......

All my love. I leave now Lisa and tell you that you are a wonderful service to our Father. You are doing well. Good bye for now.

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