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Messages from the CELESTIALS

The March towards FREEDOM

13th March, 2006

through Lauren

"We are observing some situations in Washington that are pressing your nation to move forward in this march for freedom. This march, coupled with the intent of millions of citizens will have unprecedented resolve. It will take armies of unmatched proportion to stop the force of Light that will ensue. We are preparing many at this time to step into full awareness and be alert for their roles as warriors and change-makers.

Some have chosen to leave the Earth after their mission is complete, know and share with others that this is a planned event, one that their souls chose before incarnation and all is in Divine Perfect Order. We will be there to support them and direct them as needed and they will be greeted by legions of angels and family members of the afterlife upon their transitions. Be assured that they will experience no discomfort during this transition for their selfless acts of humanity.

We are in great admiration of the teams available for the type of work necessary to make these changes and we will support you in times of strife. Know that this time upon you will create the largest momentum of good ever to rise up like a tidal wave and crash over the old ways of the dark. No one has the power to make this change like the citizens of your country. The noble few who sacrifice their earthly lives in the making of the new world will be rewarded greatly for they will have the opportunity to resolve many lifetimes of karma for this one particular and selfless feat.

Regardless of your role in this, you are all needed. Each and every one of you represents a portion of Creator, an aspect to realize His potential. Without you, there would be no Golden Age for it would cease to manifest under the workings of your present systems. This is why you are all here at this very important juncture, both for your soul and for the evolution of humanity. It is your time to choose and your time to fulfill your calling. Many of you have incarnated here from various star systems and galaxies to aid in this magnificent event. We are aware of those who have suffered greatly to be submersed in these lower frequencies and we have come now to lift you up out of the denseness. There are members of many galaxies at this time waiting to rescue the brothers and sisters of their origin. We, the Pleiadeans have many on earth at this time that we care for and protect. Those of you who know of your origins, be assured that we are coming now to free you. For those of you who are not yet aware of your origins you will be contacted shortly, be at peace. All who inquire shall be acknowledged for we need all of you.

There is coming a time when you will be aware of much more than you currently are. This awareness may lead to emotional uprising in the people and it is our wish that you all be the pillars of Light that you came here to be. We try to prepare you for this not to alarm you but to confirm that you have very special roles to play and part of the responsibility of awareness is teaching others and leading them to the Light of God. We can assist you with this if you ask, we will do all we can to calm the fears of an uprising nation, for many will be in a state of disarray. You all have the important roles of replacing fear with love, for this is the way you knew before your descent. Now is the time to practice this honorable trait that you hold in your hearts. Lift your brothers and sisters to their true potential, hold the babes in your bosoms, and run free with the Light of truth for others to see. This is the gift that has been bestowed upon you, the gift of compassion for the hard work of striving for this truth in your hearts.

Compassion will enfold the dark and allow even for them, an opportunity to repent. Now we say, show your true colors, allow others to see the Light in your hearts for they will be searching for that Light in the dark. Be courageous and allow no ruler to impoverish any part of your nation again. Be dignified, stand proud and allow no just cause for lies and deceit. Be sovereign and reign yourselves as true co-creators with God, for ultimately you are the future of your nation and world. We come to raise you up but you must first lift yourselves out of darkness and despair with firm resolve to overthrow your government. This is the opportunity you have all been waiting for, to claim back your sovereign rights as citizens of God. Let no lie remain unturned, let no man or woman escape the penalty of corruption. These end times are upon you now and are coming in with great thrust. Be alert and stand firmly planted for the tide will bring in much change but will assuredly pull out to sea all that no longer serves you, for now you are FREE.

We too wish to remind you of the abilities you all possess, the ones that you took with you into this life-stream. These abilities will avail themselves as needed to give you access to tools that you will need in coming times. Your severely limited scope right now does not serve you well in these coming days, so be assured you will have all you need to prevail during these next few turbulent months.

You will be amazed at what lies before you and we are in your skies planning the most glorious and peaceful world you have ever known. Congratulations on your determination to see this through, you are true warriors. We must now take our leave but we will be with you shortly. Be at peace and know that you are supported by many in these next moments of your making. We are the Pleiadeans."

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