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Messages from the CELESTIALS



8th April, 2006

through Lauren

"We are the Pleiadeans. We've come to tell you of some important advancements in your country. We are observing that the time for an uprising is before your nation and we wish to give some details pertaining to what will manifest according to the current energies. There stands before you all an opportunity of enormous potential. This potential that we speak of is headed to your field with such force and intensity that few will be able to disregard its effects.

Know that as we observe a quantum leap into mass awareness we see many possible outcomes for this. Each outcome has with it the final and alternate possibilities. Within your realm you have limited awareness of such and we wish to hand this information to you so as to help guide you to a desirable finish. Please note that while we can inform you of the scenarios we can do little by way of enforcing them. We only have the available means to perceive and therefore make you aware.

With that being said, we wish to tell you that you are rapidly headed for a rising up of massive proportion. So much truth is in the ethers now that the Light has all but taken over the dark. At this time you would be wise to allow yourselves the option of becoming totally submersed in the new reality. We say this because as you imagine what it will be like to take these next steps you help to mold the outcome in the realm of possibilities. If you anticipate an uprising of peace, then so too do you mold the scenario in physicality. You can each assist by doing your part to see the change in your government happen with as much ease as possible.

We understand and anticipate shock and dismay, however there will be a point at which many will have the urges to lash out in anger. Together you can ease the strife for many, merely by anticipating each of those in outrage with a peaceful demeanor. See and visualize them releasing this anger to the Light where it will be met with grace and transmuted for the highest good of all. Allow each of your visions to include a gathering of peaceful citizens marching in non-violence for their rights. There is a saying, "Violence begets more violence", and this holds truth. Having a peaceful resolve will win more battles in less time, we assure you.

In your day to day affairs you have little knowledge of the events taking place behind the scenes. This is mostly to keep you focused on living your lives without unnecessary turmoil. As we close in on the final stages of your great plan to freedom, we bring with us legions of Light Beings to assist you all. Should the need arise you can call on us in times of need for we will be closely monitoring each of you individually. We are all working toward the same goal and the outcome is assured.

There is still room to tweak however, so we encourage you to adjust the energy to your advantage, the advantage of all. We are delighted at what's ahead and we wish for all of you to share in our joy. Know that we are your allies and friends and we will assist wherever possible. This statement brought forth by our mediator, Lauren, is a statement of serious intent. We have amplified the connection so as to be sure the sincerity of our message is not only heard, but felt as well. She is one of us and we delight in sharing this information with all of you through her. We are grateful for her services to us and to mankind as are many of you.

At this time I wish to announce to all that you are at the beginning of a major shift in your awareness. You are likely to be feeling the intensity of energy surrounding you at this time. This may be uncomfortable for many sensitive people but know that the energy is due to the enormity of what is about to take place in your nation and your world. Please stay informed as we will be sending information through this telepath and others to keep you all abreast.

We are also working toward an extensive communication system which will allow for each of you who wish to communicate with us through your current internet system. This system will be put into place shortly after first contact and will allow for all of you to be a part of our process which will enable us to work collaboratively toward a common goal. When this time arrives, know that you will all have a voice and there will come a time when you will be able to request services from our many fleets. This is a grand time before you and we delight in eliminating all of the suffering that you have endured. Please know that while we are doing our very best to enable the communication system it is subject to the government changes and First Contact and therefore our immediate concern is to get the show on the road as you say.

We also wish to inform you of the intense band of energy that is surrounding your earth at this time. The band is one of many layers of electrons and is tightening and squeezing the negative energy out of your world with great intensity. This can take the form of pressure or feelings of anxiety in the heart area where the pressure is most intense. Please do not be alarmed at this occurrence for it is a natural by-product of the rapidly increasing energy waves and we will do our best to ensure that this energy is refracted when possible so as to lessen the intensity of its effects. You are all doing so well in dealing with and handling the symptoms of ascension and it brings us much pride to be able to soon call you our Galactic brothers and sisters. In a short time we will be convening and together we will change the world for the better. You are dear to our hearts and we look forward to spending time in your world and helping you all to your divine destination. Thank you for hearing our message to you this day. We are the Pleiadians"

Note from Lauren:
Hi friends. I thought I would add to this today by saying that in all the communications that I have had to-date, this one was by far the most intense for me. I did get the feeling that there was urgency to this message and the connection was the clearest I had ever experienced. It was so clear and loud that it actually startled me and it was accompanied by vibrating in my limbs and a very high pitched noise and serious vertigo; for a moment I found it difficult to type. I am sharing this with all of you because I think that the Pleiadians mean business because I was so amped up, so to speak. Following the tone of Sananda's message earlier today, I think it is safe to assume that the time is really upon us. Love, Lauren

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