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7th May, 2006

discussion with Jess

Sananda, I ask for follow up comments. It seems to me that this is late in the game to really be explaining what the problem has been in terms of our envisioning the new reality. If this is why things get held up, why was this not explained sooner? Have I misinterpreted what you said? I try to clean and see this new reality, but as CM said I am working in the parameters of limited willingness. I ask for more strength and understanding and try to push my limits. I can't ask for more than others can do; it is their own personal choice. But I can ask if there is more I am needed to do that I have not known. I can ask what I have to do. I have that choice to make. I see the change happening as I write, but my perception is hampered by a need for 3D evidence that it is visibly moving forward. I ask for that to confirm my conviction.

Yes of course, Jess, I can speak to you about these things. As you suspected, the public's perception of the intricacies of energy reality is only now beginning to be awakened. The concepts of creating reality in your vision or your thoughts is not widespread currently. This aspect of creation is only now being perceived and analyzed. We haven't talked about this much in public forums such as this because it was necessary to move the public to another level of their amnesia before we could begin explaining what is happening.

Is that disingenuous? Perhaps, to your eyes. This seemed the most efficient and least problematic approach we could take. This is an awakening on a mass scale the likes of which has not been tried before, and we were experimenting and learning the same as you. Our lessons were of a different sort, but they were discoveries we made in the process we have been pursuing with you.

Have you had a game plan, or has this been mostly improvised?

The game plan was formulated and in place, but the steps in getting to the results were improvised. They were based on an interaction with you in this dimension. You were the entities involved with the energy levels and it was your responsibility to complete this portion of the changeover. This has been achieved, to all intents and purposes. Yet, you don't see the results, as you explain. I understand your concern that you don't see physical evidence on a convincing scale. I understand you realize this has happened on one level, but you still need proof in your present circumstances.

When is this coming, you ask? It stretches as long as the people stretch it. We can't intervene and change your reality. You have created your cause and effects, and according to the laws of the Universal structure, this cannot be broken.

Do you realize that I feel helpless and never have a sense of completion? Is there more that I need to do to replace my doubts with affirmation?

Yes, of course, you need to work to create your new life in your vision and let your steps and decisions inform your acting in this way.

What must I do to help reach that vision?

Clean your perceptions of anticipation*. Clean your acceptance of the reality you have created. Clean your hesitation to move. Clean your certainty of the perception. All these things are strong but needing bolstering. This is not just work that you are doing, but as you pointed out, your choices are uniquely yours and you must make them even more continually. This is a prerequisite to move higher in the energy levels. This is not something you cannot do. This is your birthright and your choice to come here at this time to help move everything in this direction. Nourish it and strengthen your resolve even more.

The decision is really Christ Michael's. He is determined to complete his plans for his Universe.

This is all for this evening. Sananda Immanuel

[* Jess - I decided to post this message because it has comments on creating reality. The comments on cleaning mean for me to remove any thoughts I may have that are blocking things from manifesting].

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