Words of Wisdom: Sananda - Immanuel returned

Messages from the CELESTIALS

*** SANANDA ***


9th February, 2006

through Lauren Gorgo
(Questions in italics)

First we would like to address the issue of relationships.

We say this because now is the time for forming the relationships that will be imperative to your soul growth and the implementation of your life purposes. We shall encourage all those who will be brought together for the purposes of learning and designing the new world. These soul groups will constitute the workings of shared energy and purpose. This collective interest will empower those groups to forge ahead with more intensity and speed. This is an important aspect of the new world, sharing common goals. It is no longer required that any of you go at it alone, as it has been for so long. This is a time of working together toward a common goal. When all are in harmony with one another and the earth, miracles will be common place.

This collective energy is paramount to your success as a race. We will be watching and guiding to assist you on your group endeavors and it is our wish that you all share your individual talents to create a most comprehensive level of forward movement. You are all necessary components to the making of the whole and no one's job is more important than another's. You will soon see how this collective effort will benefit you all. We are pleased with the results that just a few of you procure, with the help of global awareness the earth will resurrect in a moment's time. Be assured that the time is here for manifesting these soul relationships and you will be amazed at the connection you feel with one another. This connection will be unmistakable. Together you will truly be victorious!

Thank you, Sananda, that is great news. Is there anything else you would like me to share with the community?

We would like to express our gratitude for the patience of all. We understand how dire your circumstances are and we revere your ability to stay focused on the Light. In these times of struggle you have the ability to find inner peace and sanctity. You are all faring very well and this is recognized by those on this side. This calm reserve will allow the manifestation of your desires to appear in an instant. We are in awe of your determination to see this through, you truly are the warriors of change. Blessed be and so it is.

I Am Sananda Immanuel.

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