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*** SANANDA ***


7th February, 2006

through Lauren Gorgo
(Questions in italics)

Tell others that the time is now for them to be of service to themselves. They only need to wish for a better life and it shall be. These times of energy are upon you and the clear of mind and soft of heart shall procure results. It is time now to pull up your bootstraps and make this life what you intended for so long. Do this by being diligent in your focus. Have thoughts of grandeur and do not be swayed by the improbability of it all, for those thoughts are futile. No longer is it necessary to explore the many options before you, the only option is the one in your heart. You are all coming to the time when this will be your reality. Stay centered in your beliefs of a better world and it shall be so.

Thank you, Sananda. Can you tell me what is going on in the government?

There is some tidying up that still needs to be accomplished on the part of Congress. They are in a state of turmoil and are trying to decide how to pull the final strings. All is in Divine order and we see it as "on schedule". Tell others that they will help this event by raising their own vibration individually, this will expedite the collective manifestation.

Ok, I will send this out. I get the feeling that when we all wait for results we are actually creating the energy of waiting, thereby giving us exactly what we asked for. Is this accurate?

Indeed. If you are all masters of your reality, then create the reality that you desire in the NOW. This can't be overemphasized. We tell you time and again that you are the makers of your world, this has to start with changing your thoughts; an act of being.

Similarly so, I get the feeling that it is superfluous to swim upstream by taking assertive action by way of government reform. I believe as co-creators it is more important to dump our toxic thoughts and clear the space in our minds for creative change and this individual act will create the momentum necessary for global change. Is this an accurate thought?

This thought is one that originates from your core being. Deeply you understand that doing involves egoistic thoughts of "I" instead of "we". You realize that to "do" creates less results and more stress than to BE. So we say to you, be what you desire instead of doing what you desire.

I understand that, but can you explain this in more detail for our readers?

I would be delighted. Being is a state of consciousness that automatically procures results. It is a level of awareness that allows you the option to choose. Your choice is all that is required to make change and your determination to stay aligned with this choice, without wavering. Ultimately you decide what is the way for you and the universe will support that choice.

It's interesting that you use this concept of choice. This was a big hurdle on my path, one that took a great deal of effort to fully digest. On some level we believe that others create our reality due to conditioning and a splash of amnesia, I suppose. If this were not true, then we would not be wasting our time waiting around for the Masters and our space friends to make our changes for us, right?

This is undoubtedly so. You all have the option of choosing to believe or not. This choice will align with the necessary energy to support that choice, that is the gift we speak of, the gift of co-creation. Is this why you always tell me to get off the proverbial fence?

We have guided you to make choices in your life, yes. It is a powerful moment to realize that you actually can have what you desire and that the only restrictions placed upon you are the ones you place upon yourself. Self-imposed thoughts of fear are the only blocks to manifesting your dreams.

So back to taking action, am I correct in assuming that the only action necessary for change is the act of changing our thoughts?

When you reach a level of awareness where you understand how you are ultimately responsible for every choice you make then, yes, you are creating change with your thoughts. This energy is necessary to pull together resources or elements of the universe that will support that choice.

This is why it feels so energetically taxing to "try" to do things now, isn't it? I mean, "trying" to get people to see the truth is a serious wasted effort, especially where the government is involved. Only those who have a level of awareness will hear these words of change, right?

This is the law of energy.

So then why would we waste our time trying to spread the word of Nesara, second coming, first contact, etc.

Change is aligned with your truth. When you are being your truth then the doing is not necessary, this is why we encourage thoughts of change - Be your change. And yes, doing can drain your energy if it is not aligned with your truth. In truth doing is about creating and creating is about thought.

It's not like the Masters have not told us this a thousand times, why do you think that we are still not creating this new reality? It reminds me of the time when you told me "in suffering is the greatest opportunity for change. When we are faced with the unacceptable we find peace" Does this mean that we are not suffering enough yet, or are these thoughts only necessary in duality?

Interesting concepts here. First you are all responsible for constructing your reality and you choose how that will come to be by the means necessary to implement such thoughts. You also are in a space of manifesting that which is desired, you still have yet to fully grasp what it means to truly co-create. This will be an individual process of awakening, it is up to each of you to make the choice to create a better life for yourselves and ultimately for the collective. Secondly, the art of change can be stimulated by suffering but is not necessary in the higher realms. You are all at a point of awareness where suffering is no longer required, all that is required is choice.

Reminds me of Cool Uncle Bill and how he has disciplined his mind to only see the positive and now he is impervious to negativity.

This is the result of conditioning. When you discipline your mind to do what YOU want it to do, instead of what it has been conditioned to do by others, then you have mastered your greatest tool.

I agree. SO would you like to give any practical advice on how to master our thoughts? I use the method of being the witness to them, the observer. If I take that position, then can see and hear what my brain is doing at all times and make the choice whether or not to accept.

To be an observer of your thoughts is the first step in changing them. When you can clearly see your thoughts as separate from who you are then you are only a step away from re-directing them.

Like a computer. It functions very similarly, does it not?

It is ultimately the purpose of it, to hold and use programs for use. You are the programmers, so choose better software.

Wow, Sananda, very up and coming, I am impressed with your analogy.

I am a fast learner.

I'll say ..... you must have a Mac mind, because your software is very creative.

I have applications from many sources, collectively is the best input.

Amen. So once we have recognized our thoughts as separate, how do we best change them to our advantage?

By being diligent in your desire to change them. Replace your negative thoughts with joy. Don't revisit old pain, replace it with joy. Look to every moment as a new opportunity for change.

So then I have to ask this ..... If mastering our thoughts is all that is needed to restructure our entire lives, then why are there so many other routes to finding complete harmony?

It is necessary to unfold this process in stages to come to this realization. This realization is only available to those who have enough awareness to comprehend the concept. Sometimes it takes many routes to get to this one fundamental truth.

Is this the one fundamental truth of all the masters, mastering our minds?

It is one of the truths, but one that involves practice and much discipline.

Is there anything else you wish to add?

Be confident of your outcomes. Imagine them already here and they will come rapidly.

OK, thank you. I wish for all to start manifesting their dreams so we can get on with the show.

This is the best place to put your focus, on your dreams. Create what makes your heart sing and the rest will fall into place, this is the alignment of your truth.

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