Words of Wisdom: An unusually quiet Atlantic Ocean. Copyright: Milson Macleod 1994
An unusually quiet Atlantic Ocean
© Copyright Milson Macleod 1994

Messages from the CELESTIALS


1st November, 2006

through Lisa

My lesson is about stillness. Many have asked how can we tame our ego and transform it into spirit. Ah, that is the secret to wisdom is it not?

From the very beginning of your training you were taught to still your mind. And this is still a very important step to implement. In that stillness you are connecting with your higher source and that is God. In this divine space of stillness you can interact with your God source. Meditation is the key to achieving a connection with your divine instructions. It is here that you will receive secrets to acquire everything you seek. God wants you to be happy and abundant. You can be the person you were meant to be. You can be transformed while still in physical form. That is exactly what I experienced in my life on Earth. My mission was to teach others this truth. I spent much time every day receiving instructions from My Father. Through body, mind and spirit I was transformed into the very essence of Our Father in Heaven. And so I possessed all the attributes of the Father. It was His love that healed me and I was able to pass on that love to everyone whom I encountered on my journeys. You become what you focus on. No it did not happen overnight, it took a realization of the truth. You can do the same. There is no pressure from God to achieve this now. Your journey may take you as long as you would like. It will continue into your morontial life. But know this: it is very possible to achieve Christhood here and now on this very Earth.

Already many humans have achieved this and are living lives of total service to God. They are very joyful in their work, and they lack nothing materialistic. Some are also able to use their etheric bodies to travel beyond to other dimensions and be of service there, while others have decided to stay here on Earth. What they had in common was the desire to find a greater purpose, a reason for being here, the meaning of life. And they never stopped searching. They all had the desire to find the truth of who they were and why they were here. They taught themselves to have total faith in a Higher source which would lead and show them the way to achieve this.

This is not a destination, My Dear Ones, but the beginning of a journey of experiences, a process, total devotion to service to God on many dimensions into eternity.

In your stillness God speaks to you. He guides your conscious mind and your ego into following your spiritual leadings. He breathes His love into your very being, into every cell of your body. This is the energy that heals and which you pass on to others you meet. Once the ego has permanently stepped aside and has submitted to spiritual leadings, your outlook on everyday experiences will be changed. Your focus will shift from your needs to one of service to others. You will notice difficulties or problems can all be solved without worry. You will see daily experiences from another perspective, everything will seem so clear.

My brothers and sisters, you are connected to God and you have the same powers He does. It is His gift to you. Through faith in Him you can activate this power, the same way I did when I walked the Earth. Begin today to listen to God, think like God, become God, speak like God, stand like God. Do this with all your might. If you can't get it right one day, then try again the next day and the next. After several months and years the transformation will be complete and "you will be about the Father's business."

Hello New World! a home-grown mango seeks the Light. Copyright Milson Macleod May 2006
Hello, New World! A mango shoot seeks the Light
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